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Community Resources

If you are interested in getting more involved with Vespene, thanks, and here are some basic details!

Contribution can include all types of things - including sharing ideas, testing, reporting a bug, giving a presentation, upgrading the documentation, and helping other users. Code is of course one of those things too!


If you would like to get involved with Vespene at a code level, “fork” the project at

Please use GitHub for pull requests and filing bug tickets, but use the forum for questions and ideas and discussion.

It is usually better to talk about features a little bit before coding them up, unless it is a simple plugin.

This probably reduces frustration in most cases, and can prevent duplicate work efforts. We’re happy to talk to people about what kinds of ways of implementing things would fit best in the codebase.

See Development Setup and Development Guide for some introductory details.

Please do not submit formatting corrections to the source, we don’t take those - most everything else is great!

Documentation Edits

If you want to work on the docs, the docs are actually in git too… just edit the ‘rst’ files in docs/source/ and give us a pull request. You can build the HTML versions of the docs yourself with “make html” from the root of the checkout.


Twitter is good for following developments. : @vespene_io

Info/Announcement List

For news and announcements, hit the email signup link at (We will never give or sell your email addresses to anyone)


The primary discussion forum for Vespene is